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Mary Baker was a farmer's daughter, born in 1821. The first 45 years of her life were largely years  of poor health, tragedy, poverty, and disappointment. This changed one day, almost by accident, when she fell on an icy street and sustained a spinal injury that the doctors announced would be fatal. In response, a priest came by to prepare her for death.

Mary Baker was known as a keen scholar, especially of Bible history and of the miraculous events surrounding Christ Jesus' life. As a scholar she reasoned that miracles don't happen in the real world. She reasoned that the miracles of Christ Jesus could only have been possible if an underlying Principle - a Principle of God or divine Principle - had made these occurrences possible. She also reasoned that this divine Principle would have to be just as valid in her time as it had been in Jesus' time, and would be so for evermore. Against this background she simply could not see her life to be ending as the result of an accident.

In the morning of what should have been her final day, her pastor came to he house to say good bye to her before his morning service, since it seemed impossible that she would still be alive afterwards. Still, he promised to return. Upon his leaving she placed her entire being on God, drawing together all that she had discovered about God. This hour unfolded into a virtual celebration of God as the all-embracing, ever-present, divine Principle in whose light Jesus came to light as the Exemplar of God who is Life, Love, Truth, Mind, Spirit, Soul - a God whose nature is reflected in man.  Suddenly, in the course of this type of reasoning, as if a page had been turned, she found herself completely well. When the pastor returned  she practically opened the door for him. This healing restored her life. It also restored her health.

Mary Baker Eddy - Prayer is a celebration of God

From this new day forward her life become a conscious celebration of God in acknowledgement of God as divine Principle, that had healed her, It became a scientific prayer which she now expressed in healing others and in establishing a scientific platform that brought the most amazing achievements of healing to countless people all over the world.  Allow me to present a sample of her healing work and 170 pages of testimonies of people who were healed by their own utilization of her scientific achievements, which are but a tiny sample of what is on record from this time.

Today, the celebration continues in the life and the hearts of all those who celebrate with her, her greatest discoveries, that:

1.  That God is Life.

2.  That God is Love.

3.  That God is Truth.

4.  That God is Mind.

5.  That God is Spirit.

6.  That God is Soul.

7.  That God is Principle.

8. Aspects NOT included in the celebration of God.

9. Celebrating our Humanity - The Principle of Universal Love

In her celebration of God Mary Baker has literally changed the world. In the course of her career she has also changed her name. She added to her name the name of her third husband, Asa Gilbert Eddy. Her first husband had died, tragically, her second husband had disserted her, but her third husband had joined her absolutely in her celebration of God. Although her marriage with Asa Eddy was brief (1877 till 1882 when he passed away), her own celebration of God extended to over 44 years, which were years of great joy, trials, and horrendous labor to establish the Science which she had discovered. She called this science, Christian Science and created for it its own institutions with a global outreach to uplift humanity. Near the end of her time, as it were the crowning touch of her life-work - of her celebration of God - she engaged herself at the age of 87 to establish a major newspaper with a global perspective, in order to embrace in her celebration of God the whole of humanity. She gave her newspaper the name, The Christian Science Monitor, and the mission, "to bless all mankind." For a time, the Christian Science Monitor became one of the most respected newspaper on the planet, and her science that celebrates God in healing was widely acknowledged and utilized in many parts of the world.

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